FAIR PARTNERS both ways.

Fairness is a highly important element in our company’s philosophy. In our understanding, this means: honest behaviour, open communication and correct treatment and respect of staff and customers, partners and colleagues.
We also practice fairness when calculating our prices. It is the prime goal of Melzer Frozen Foods to be able to guarantee maximum quality, service and reliability at fair market value.

Melzer - Code of Behaviour

Company Melzer Tiefkühlkost GmbH confirms to implement the following Code of Behaviour
based on the Business Social Compliance Initiative in all conscience.

  • Adherence to the corresponding national applicable laws and regulations
    for our social and environmental matters.
  • Freedom of assembly and the right to collective bargaining and staff meetings for our
  • Prohibition of discrimination in any way in employment, wages, access to further
    education, job promotion, termination of employment or upon retirement through
    gender, age, religion, race, caste, social background, disability, ethnic origin and national
    origin, nationality, membership in worker’s organizations including unions, political
    conception, sexual orientation or other personal features.
  • Timely payment of wages for regular working hours which exceed the statutory
    minimum wages as well as overtime and overtime compensation and special payments.
    Illegal and illicit deduction from wages do not take place.
  • The working hours and rest periods correspond to applicable national German law.
    Weekly working hours of more than 48 hours are not regularly exceeded. Maximum 12
    hours overtime per week will not be exceeded. Overtime is done exclusively voluntarily
    and will be compensated separately. Each employee has the right to at least one day off
    after six consecutive working days and a recreational holiday of 30 weekdays/year.
  • Prohibition of child labour, forced labour and application of bodily punishment or
    psychological / physical assault as well as verbal insults.
  • Compliance with legal minimum requirements for procedures and standards concerning
    waste management, handling of chemicals and wastewater treatment.
  • Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment to prevent potential accidents and
    damage to employee’s health, that are associated with the working process or that take
    place during working.
  • Establishing clear rules and procedures for ensuring health and safety at work. Practices
    and conditions in the workplace that violate fundamental human rights are prohibited.
  • Our facilities are secured by a security service.
  • Providing for social areas, which are adjusted in size and equipment to the number of
    employees and are in clean and intact condition.
  • Handing over work and protective clothing as well as partial external cleaning.
  • Providing for traineeships and apprenticeships.